Miguel Marco Moravec

Miguel is a PhD student in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Vanderbilt University. He is the Vice President of the Graduate Student Body and also the co-founder of Dores Divest, a campus sustainable investments campaign. Miguel aspires to fight for a decarbonized future using both traditional and innovative levers of change. He grew up in Odenton, Maryland, but is now pleased to call Nashville home.

This site is an online portfolio of some of his works, please explore and enjoy!

Miguel in the news 2021-2022:

The Washington Post: Student climate activists... file legal complaints to compel divestment

Vanderbilt News: Nashville suffered less than regional cities throughout Colonial Pipeline shutdown due to stronger waterborne petroleum access.

The Waterways Journal: Pipeline Shutdown Research Shows Importance Of Barging

Vanderbilt Engineering: PhD student mentors undergrads on week-long STEMSEAS expedition

The Stanford Daily: Climate Defense Project... file legal complaint against Stanford

Vanderbilt Hustler: ‘Of course’- Al Gore endorses Vanderbilt divesting from fossil fuels

Featured Projects

Using drone footage of Mawchu Llacta, an ancient Peruvian settlement, I joined a team of students working with Professor Steve Wernke to faithfully replicate this distant anthropological site in the 3D virtual reality space. My contribution included compiling models and integrating the city into a navigable 3D world. For more on the project, click here.

Websites by Miguel: